Our General meeting will be held on December 1st, as per our bylaws. The meeting will be held at Unionville HS in the Auditorium LGI at 7pm. This is where rules proposals will be discussed and the Fall season will be reviewed. You will be hearing from Adam Nobile regarding rules proposals for next year.

Good morning everyone,

First, I hope everyone had an enjoyable championship experience. Now that our season has drawn to a close, it’s time to begin looking to the 2015 outdoor season!

As in previous seasons, if you have proposals to continue growing and strengthening our circuit through additions, corrections, or modifications to our current By-Laws or Rules, now is the time to do so. Use the following link to propose these changes:

The form is open today through November 30th at midnight. As per our bylaws, if you propose a rules change you must be present for the December Rules Congress meeting, following our general membership meeting for the proposals to be heard. Following the initial rules congress, proposals that are sent to committee are discussed and developed into full-fledged proposals which are then voted at the Rules Congress following to May General Membership meeting for implementation in the 2015 season.

Currently, the committee members are:
Independence – Greg Innes (Northern Lebanon)
American – Tim Pry (Sun Valley)
Liberty – Jared Daubert (Conestoga Valley)
Yankee – OPEN
Patriot – Scott Blanford (Springfield)
Freedom – OPEN

If you a Yankee or Freedom band director and interested in being a part of this process, please let me know as we do want full representation from all conferences. Additionally, when the committee meets during the winter months, all directors are welcome to attend, however committee members are the only ones with a vote at that particular meeting. Dates for this meeting will be shared as we approach it.

Thank you for all of your input and I look forward to continuing to grow and better our organization!
Adam B. Nobile
Director of Bands
Big Spring High School
100 Mt. Rock Road
Newville, PA 17241

Marching band contests are held each weekend throughout the fall, concluding in four championship classification contests, which are held at the end of the marching season. Each show usually consists of seven to twelve bands in one or more of the four classifications. Classifications are based on total unit size.

Cavalcade is proud to be one of the first marching associations to use digital recorders for all marching shows!