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    Hello Cavalcade of Bands Marching Band Directors!

    Congrats on your Fall season. I thank you for your participation and support of the Cavalcade of Bands and your students. All that work and it seems to end in a blink!!

    I'd like to thank Mitch Adams and the team of Sue Smith, Jim Fulkroad and Paul Smith, for making the Fall and our championship season so eventful. Thanks to Ed Stimson for keeping us all in the loop with what was going on as well. A job well done by the whole team. There is a lot more that has to be done that most realize behind the scenes, and these folks plow through it with the utmost professionalism and dedication! If you have time, please thank them for what they do for us all!

    It is time for nominations for the 2015 Marching Band Director of the year. Please click on the link to nominate a director. There is no set criteria for this process. It really is open to many reasons of why someone might be deserving of this honor. You will need to add some remarks of why you are nominating this person for the members to vote on. Our goal is to present this award to the winner at their Winter concert is possible.

    Nomination are open until next Monday, November 30th, and voting will start on December 1st and stay open until December 6th.

    Cavalcade Director of the year nominations:
    Our General meeting will be held on December 7th, as per our bylaws. The meeting will be held at Great Valley HS in their Band Room at 7pm. This is where rules proposals will be discussed and the Fall season will be reviewed. You have or will be hearing from Adam Nobile regarding rules proposals for next year.

    Directions to Great Valley HS

    As most of you have heard, Mitch Adams, after 14 years of being our amazing Executive Director, is stepping down from that position. We are now looking for that important person to replace him. Please wish Mitch well and thank him for what he has so unselfishly done for our entire organization. This will be hard shoes to fill!!

    We will also be voting on the boards recommendation for Administrators and Coordinators for their next two year term. The positions up for election this December are:

    Section 7 - Election of Executive Director and Coordinators. The Executive Director, Judging Coordinator, Education Coordinator, CI Administrator, and Jazz Administrator shall be elected in odd years. The Administrative Coordinator, Communications Coordinator and Marching Band Administrator shall be elected in even years. (2015)

    Additional procedures include:.

    CBA Executive Committee will, if necessary, conduct interviews prior to the November Board Meeting. CBA Executive Committee will present it's recommendations to the membership at the December meeting.

    After the Executive Committee offers rationale and justification for selections, a vote will be taken by members present at the December general membership meeting for approval of the proposed persons for Executive Director, Coordinator, and Administrator.

    The executive Committee will have these names ready for the December Board meeting.

    We currently do not have a marching band liaison, and are looking for someone who might be willing to take that position for this winter. Please contact me if you are interested in helping with this position, who helps to run the rules congress part of our association for the marching band.Adam Nobile is going to assist with that, since we do not have a person in the position right now.

    This Spring, there will be three of the board positions up for nominations and election. Those positions are:

    President, Jazz Liaison, Marching Band Liaison will be elected in even years. (2016)

    Please let any of the Exec Comm members know if you are interested in running for any of these positions. We, the directors, are Cavalcade. Please consider getting involved and being a part of the team!

    The job description list is on any of our web page doc menus or:
    Please spread the word!!

    We have had many emails and texts from non-cavalcade members regarding joining our association next year. Please let Jim Fulkroad know if anyone in your circles needs any information about joining us next Fall. We don't get aggressive and go after people, but we'd love to talk to anyone who has questions or expresses and interest in joining our group.

    Again, thanks for all you do for your kids and Cavalcade. Now we all turn the page and go to the next thing. It's what we do. Never a dull moment in this business!


    G. Scott Litzenberg

    Unionville HS Music Department - Chairperson

    Cavalcade of Bands - President

    W 610-347-1600 x3065

    C 610-324-0660

    Hello Everyone,

    First, I hope everyone had an enjoyable championship experience. Now that our season has drawn to a close, it’s time to begin looking to the 2016 outdoor season!

    As in previous seasons, if you have proposals to continue growing and strengthening our circuit through additions, corrections, or modifications to our current By-Laws or Rules, now is the time to do so. Use the following link to propose these changes:

    The form is open today through December 3rd at midnight. As per our bylaws, if you propose a rules change you must be present for the December Rules Congress meeting, following our general membership meeting for the proposals to be heard. Following the initial rules congress, proposals that are sent to committee are discussed and developed into full-fledged proposals which are then voted at the Rules Congress following to May General Membership meeting for implementation in the 2016 season.

    If you were previously a member of this Rules Congress Committee, please let me know of your intent to continue. If you would like to be a part moving forward, please let me know as well!

    Also, as we currently do not have a Marching Band Liaison who typically handles this, if you are interested in stepping up to the position, please let me know so I can forward your name on to the rest of the Board of Directors.

    Thank you for all of your input and I look forward to continuing to grow and better our organization!

    Indoor Schedule is now posted on our Indoor Page


    Jazz Season schedule also posted on our Jazz page


    NJ Jazz Regional Championship – Saturday – April 9, 2016 – will be held at Millville Performing Arts Center

    CBA Jazz Championships – April 15 and 16, 2016 – will be held at CB SOUTH HS and ?